Publication Ethics

We provide ethical standards to ensure high-quality articles and trust in scientific research. It is mandatory that the authors respect the ethical standards and the Copyright Laws.

All articles published are original papers that have neither been published, nor are under review elsewhere.Papers that are found to have been plagiarized will incur sanctions.

Duplicate Submission
Papers that are found to have been published or to be under review elsewhere, will incur sanctions. If authors have used their own previously published work are required to cite the previous work and indicate their new contributions of the previous work.

Citation Manipulation
Submitted papers that are found to include citations with the purpose of increasing the number of citations to a given author’s work or to a particular journal, will incur sanctions. Because the bibliography must show the authors adequate documentation, Quality Assurance journal asks for at least 7-10 quality references to be cited for each scientific articles. Fake or unapropiate citations will incur also sanctions.

Data Fabrication
Submitted papers that are found to have either fabricated or falsified experimental results, including the manipulation of images, will incur sanctions.

Improper Author Contribution
All listed authors must have made a significant scientific contribution to the research in the paper.

In the event that there are violations of any of the above mentioned policies, the following sanctions will be applied:

  • Immediate rejection of the manuscript;
  • Prohibition against all of the authors for any new submissions, either individually or in combination with other authors, for a minimum of 24 months.