The International Conference “Quality and Dependability” CCF 2012

The beginning of September 2012 brings for your attention a prestigious international event which does not have to miss from the agenda of every Romanian manager or specialist. Now at the 13th edition, this scientific reunion will take place at Neptun, one of the most elegant and luxurious Romanian sea resorts, placed in an area of relatively rich vegetation, the forest Comorova, at the Black Sea.

The event will take place – according to the usual periodicity – between the 5th and the 7th of September 2012 at Doina Complex, and will be organized by The Romanian Society for Quality Assurance, in cooperation with several national and international organizations in the field. The approached themes bring to your attention information, trends, ideas and concepts essential for the functional market economy.

The potential authors should consider, when elaborating the papers, that within CCF 2012 all sides will be approached: engineering, social-technical, managerial, economic, legal, etc. and the implications of quality and dependability (reliability, maintainability, safety, etc.). Consequently, various views, including the polemic ones, concerning the engineering, management and certification, dependability, etc. are welcome at CCF 2012. The organizers plan several debates and ‘round tables’ on controversial aspects of this inter-disciplinary field.

The conference’s orienting topics, presented hereafter, are aimed at reflecting both the evolutions, opportunities and the problems and challenges in the field of quality for the Romanian society and economy at this beginning of the millennium, under particular conditions of the global crisis: how can the quality, as a main factor of competitiveness, rescue and safeguard, and the role of a management system for a company in crisis conditions etc. Through its international character and, therefore, through the participation of well-known professionals in the field (mainly from EU countries), CCF 2012 may be considered as a real benchmark and ‘moment of truth’ for Romanian organizations and professionals: where we are in comparison to other European countries in terms of research, education, management and legislation in the field of quality and dependability and what are the trends.


Conference Topics

  • Quality management: ISO 9000 series after 2 and half decades
  • Environmental management: ISO 14001
  • Occupational health and safety management: OHSAS 18001
  • Food safety management: HACCP, ISO 22000, FSSC
  • Information security management: ISO/IEC 27001
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) BS 25999
  • New approaches: social accountability management (SA8000, IQNet SR10)
  • Integrated management systems
  • Service quality management (education, health care, tourism, banking system, etc.) and evaluation of customer satisfaction
  • TQM, Six Sigma, quality management tools
  • Accreditation (certification bodies, laboratories, personnel), certification (management systems, products, services) and audit
  • Modern control and conformity assessment techniques
  • Conformity assessment in the mandatory area
  • Quality costs (managing quality)
  • Modern approaches in dependability, resilience and evolvability
  • Reliability (mathematical methods, design, prevision, experimental and operational reliability, human factor reliability)
  • Maintainability (maintenance management, preventive and corrective maintenance techniques, RCM)
  • Computer-aided study in quality and dependability
  • Quality, reliability and security in the IT&C industry
  • Legislation and standardization in quality and dependability.




Francisco BARROCA – Eurocer-Building President
Sorin DIMITRIU – President of CCI Bucharest
Fănel IACOBESCU – RENAR President, General Manager BRML
Eli COHEN-KAGAN – Director Quality & Certification Division, the Standards Institution of Israel
Steli LOZNEN – QA & Certification Manager, Israel Testing Laboratories
Mircea MARTIS – General Manager ASRO
Sorin MIERLEA – President of A.N.P.C.P.P.S.R.
Marian Petre MILUȚ – President of UNPR
Cristian NICHITA – General Manager RENAR
Cristian RADU – Mayor of Mangalia
Florin Theodor TĂNĂSESCU – CER President



Dan STOICHIȚOIU – President of the Romanian Society for Quality Assurance – General Chairman of CCF 2012
Daniel LOLEA
Alexandru STAMATIU



Ioan BACIVAROV – Professor at the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania – Chairman
Michele CANO – Professor at the University of the West of Scotland, UK – Co-Chairman
Marius BÂZU – Scientific researcher CP1, National Institute of Microtechnologies, Bucharest
Bruno-Marie BECHARD – Professor at the University of Sherbrooke, Canada
Allan BROWN – Professor at the University of Perth, Australia
Angelica BACIVAROV – Professor at the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Remy GAUTIER – Professor at ENSAM, Paris, France
Fabrice GUERIN – Professor at the University of Angers, France
Amilcar GONCALVEZ – Professor at the University of Lisbon, Portugal
Socrates KAPLANIS – Professor at the University of Patras, Greece
Noriaki KANO – Professor at the University of Tokyo, Japan
Abdessamad KOBI – Professor at ISTIA, University of Angers, France
Liviu MÃSÃLAR – Professor at the University of Liege, Belgium
Dan STOICHIÞOIU – President of SRAC, Bucharest
Ajit K. VERMA – Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai, India
Ton van derWIELE – Professor at the Erasmus University from Rotterdam, Holland
Enrico ZIO – Professor at the Politehnica University of Milan, Italy



Margareta ZAHARIA


Important Dates

27th of Aug 2012 – Sending the registrations (fill in the form below).

Important e-mail: (General Chairman CCF 2012 – PhD eng. Dan G. Stoichitoiu) and (Chairman of CCF 2012 International Scientific Committee – Prof. PhD eng. Ioan C. Bacivarov)

The papers shall be elaborated based on this model.



Participation (for attending CCF 2012, please fill in the Registration Form):
Conference fee: EUR 250/pers.
The fee includes:
• Conference attendance;
• Map with the conference papers;
• Coffee breaks;
• Festive dinner.

Fee for accompanying persons: 30 EUR/day
The fee includes:
• Coffee breaks;
• Festive dinner.

The payment shall be made by wire payment in the bank account RO04BACX0000003001133006 opened at the Unicredit Tiriac Bank SA – Panduri Subsidiary (SWIFT BACX ROBU) or in cash, at the Conference opening.



The room reservation can be made by filling in the attached Accommodation Form, and the payment will be made, based on the invoice issued by the chosen hotel.
The accommodation fees are provided at special rates and can only be guaranteed until the deadline specified on the Accommodation Form: 1st of July 2012.



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Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Quality and Dependability – CCF 2012
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Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Quality and Dependability – CCF 2012


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